Felix The Baby Bear!

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve!

We spent Christmas Eve at Grammy and B.G.'s house. Uncle Andy was there, and Aunt Krystal and her brother KC. I ate lots of yummy food and got tons of cool toys!!!

Look at all the food Grammy made! And there was even more in the kitchen! I ate lots of food but I was teething so I was extra picky about my food. Luckily, Grammy always keeps lots of my favorite crackers at her house. I sat on Uncle Andy's lap almost the whole time!

Me and my new favorite toy! I got lots of trucks 'cause everybody knows how much I love my toy bus at home.

Auntie Krystal helped me open presents. Her and Uncle Andy got me some cool stuff! They are some of my favorite big people.

This is my grammy. Isn't she pretty?

Ah, all this action makes me thirsty for a milk bah!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fun With Mommy and Papa

Papa put up my mohawk today. I look pretty handsome, don't you think?

Don't Daddy and I look so cute together?

Yum! Pizza!

Papa missed me so much because he has been working a lot, so today, I went to Chuck E. Cheese with him and Mommy. I think that, next to Grammy and B.G.'s house, it is my favorite place ever. We ate pizza and watched the big mouse puppet Chuck dance. Then I rode on a cool car! The best part was when mommy and papa took turns taking me through the awesome plastic tube obstacle course, and then we slid down the slide!
Mommy got a new digital camera today so she took lots of cute pictures of me. Papa played some games too, and I loved chewing on the tickets that he won! All that fun wore me out. Mommy said that she feels like such a good mama when she and papa do stuff just for me and I can have fun and be a kid.

Me and Mommy in the tube maze. It was so much fun!


This slide rules!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Who Could Forget?

Mommy forgot to post pictures of my second Halloween!! What a silly mama. I was a little cow, and Mommy was Mrs. Ronald McDonald. She made her costume by herself and we bought mine at Target. Papa had to work again this year, but we had fun anyway. I actually got to eat some of my candy this year too!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Molars- They Aint for Sissies!

I woke up at 5am this morning crying so hard! Mommy and Papa couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. My little forehead was all hot too! I kept trying to tell them I was getting my very first molar, but do they listen? Of course not! They changed me, took my jammies off, fed me, laid me down, played with me, gave me a milk bah, tried holding me... they just didn't get it. Then Mommy put her finger in my mouth and found my little toofus poking out! It is my 9th tooth and I can't wait for it to be over. Mommy says I will get a bunch more- BUMMER!
I missed my Papa today too. He is working a lot of overtime at his job so that we can have a nice Hanukkah, AND so that Mommy and Papa can get married next year. I got to talk to him on the phone and laughed at his voice, but when Mommy took the phone back I got a big pouty lip again. Papa is my best buddy and I hate when he is gone too long!
Mommy tried to cheer me up and played with me. Then she gave me a bath but I was too tired and icky feeling to splash like I usually do. We ALL had a bad day today, but things will be great again tomorrow morning when we all get to snuggle before Papa goes to work.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Chop Chop!

Pictures of my first haircut! This is the "before" shot- Daddy wet my hair down so that I had a little devilhawk like the guys from the Misfits. People were starting to ask if I was a boy or a girl, so Daddy decided to get the clippers and shave away!

I was a very patient boy and didn't cry when Daddy cut my hair. But I was REALLY curious to see what he was putting on my head! The combs were very fun to play with and kept me distracted for a little while.

Can you imagine, ME, Macho Little Felix, being confused for a stinky old girl NOW?!

More Pics From My First Trip!

Silly Papa, eating my hand!
Mama and I just loved the pretty California sunsets.
Uncle Joey and Aunt Rachel- they know how to party!
When I get big, I gotta get me one of THESE!

Big Summer Milestones!

This past summer, I took my first swim in a lake, a pool, AND the ocean!

I went to the Minnesota State Fair and played in the duck pond, ate tiny donuts and enjoyed the sunshine!

I had my first birthday party at the Dam and got lots of fun toys.But I also took my first plane ride to Los Angeles with Mommy, Papa, Uncle Joey and Auntie Rachel. We went to Hollywood, I filled my diaper with sand at the beach, AND we went to West Coast Choppers where I met Jesse James! Daddy was too shy to ask for a picture though. Oh well! Summer is my favorite time of year 'cause I get to be out and about.


All this growing makes me sleepy!

Going for a Ride...

I ride in the back seat facing forward now, but when I was little (like in this pic) I had to sit backwards to stay safe. Here I am ready to go for a ride in the car.

January 2005 was the first time I had a real llive babysitter that wasn't a grandma or grandpa. Mommy's friends Ann and Elise watched me while Daddy and Mama went to an Elvis impersonator contest! Daddy dressed up as young Elvis- boy did he look handsome! Here's a picture from their first night out.

My Swingy-Wingy!

Until I was almost a whole year old I slept most of the time in my swingy-wingy. Then I got so big and strong that I could flip it over, so Mama and Papa gave it to charity, so another baby could use it.

How I Got My Nickname...

Everybody calls me Baby Bear. That's 'cause when I had my first winter Mommy bought me this bunting. It was way too big but in Minnesota it's very cold, so I needed something to cover up my little body. Mommy bought it too big so that I would grow into it, but it seemed that one day it was too big, and the next day it was way too small!

I Love My Family!

Mommy and Daddy sure do love me a lot. Believe it or not, the outfit I'm wearing in this picture used to fit my daddy! Grammy saved it all these years and then gave it to me.


Last year was my first Hanukkah, and it was lots of fun. Here's Papa and me by the menorah.

Mama helped me open presents!

I liked rolling around in the wrapping paper more than the presents!

My first Halloween.

Daddy just LOVES Elvis, so Mama made me a homemade Elvis costume.

Daddy had to work on Halloween and was so sad that he couldn't go, but Mama and I went with Aunties Andrea and Rayne, Grandma A., and Grandpa Jon. We made sure to bring Papa back plenty of candy and pictures too.
All that trick-or-treating takes a lot out of a little guy! Toward the end I got really crabsy, so Mommy and I went home and put on our jammies and snuggled night-night.

Getting Snuggled is My Favorite Thing!

Now that I'm a big kid, I am always on the go, checking things out and exploring. That means there's not a lot of time left to cuddle and snuggle. But its still one of my favorite things, especially in the morning. After I drink my milk bah and eat my Cheerios, I always cuddle Mama and Papa on the couch. Here are some of my favorite people spoiling me with love!

This is Papa and me in August of 2004. Papa is so awesome with his tattoos!

This is my grammy. I look just like her!

And this is my Uncle Andy. He loves babies (especially ME!).

B.G. (Big Grandpa) tickles me with his moustache when he gives me kissies.I am about 2 months old here.

Grandpa Dan and me on Christmas. My little outfit says "Ho ho ho" across the butt!

Auntie Cakes is mommy's best friend, and she helped Mommy have me when I was born. She loves pinching my chubby cheeks and is my favorite babysitter! In this picture she had just gotten off of work, and was so excited to see me she didn't even go home to change first! I drooled on her work shirt, just to mark my territory!

My first bath!

I got my first real bath when I was a week and a half old. I was orange in these pictures because I had jaundice. Mommy and Daddy wanted to wait until my belly button healed, but then decided to give me a bath and just be really carefull not to touch my tummy. I hated baths when I first took them, but now that I'm a big boy I love them so much!

My favorite part of my first bath was GETTING OUT and wearing my towelie and little bathrobe. Snuggling Mommy was much warmer and nicer than that cold bathtub!