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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve!

We spent Christmas Eve at Grammy and B.G.'s house. Uncle Andy was there, and Aunt Krystal and her brother KC. I ate lots of yummy food and got tons of cool toys!!!

Look at all the food Grammy made! And there was even more in the kitchen! I ate lots of food but I was teething so I was extra picky about my food. Luckily, Grammy always keeps lots of my favorite crackers at her house. I sat on Uncle Andy's lap almost the whole time!

Me and my new favorite toy! I got lots of trucks 'cause everybody knows how much I love my toy bus at home.

Auntie Krystal helped me open presents. Her and Uncle Andy got me some cool stuff! They are some of my favorite big people.

This is my grammy. Isn't she pretty?

Ah, all this action makes me thirsty for a milk bah!


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