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Monday, December 12, 2005

Getting Snuggled is My Favorite Thing!

Now that I'm a big kid, I am always on the go, checking things out and exploring. That means there's not a lot of time left to cuddle and snuggle. But its still one of my favorite things, especially in the morning. After I drink my milk bah and eat my Cheerios, I always cuddle Mama and Papa on the couch. Here are some of my favorite people spoiling me with love!

This is Papa and me in August of 2004. Papa is so awesome with his tattoos!

This is my grammy. I look just like her!

And this is my Uncle Andy. He loves babies (especially ME!).

B.G. (Big Grandpa) tickles me with his moustache when he gives me kissies.I am about 2 months old here.

Grandpa Dan and me on Christmas. My little outfit says "Ho ho ho" across the butt!

Auntie Cakes is mommy's best friend, and she helped Mommy have me when I was born. She loves pinching my chubby cheeks and is my favorite babysitter! In this picture she had just gotten off of work, and was so excited to see me she didn't even go home to change first! I drooled on her work shirt, just to mark my territory!


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