Felix The Baby Bear!

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Friday, January 27, 2006

I Am 18 Months Old Now!

Yep, I am 18 months old now! I went for my 18 month checkup and the doctor is kinda concerned that I am not walking yet. Mama and Papa have to take me to the neurologist, but I am getting there in time! Jeez, its like everyone is in a big rush for me to get into things. I started standing by myself last week, and last night I took two steps to the side without holding on to anything. Pretty soon I will be running and everyone will wish I was crawling still.

I am also talking a bit. I say mama, dada, hi, wow, baba, toy, and I shake my head "no" when I don't like something. I clap and give great hugs too! I love animals and I am always gentle with them.

I just got my diapee changed and I am feeling handsome!

Still sucking my thumb!

Of course, the terrible twos are starting a bit early. Tantrums are my new thing, but I just can't seem to get a rise out of mama or daddy! They just laugh at my angry-face.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Hanukkah is awesome. I got tons of presents and we ate lots of great food!! Latkes are my favorite. Mommy and Papa and I threw a Hanukkah party at our house and lots of people came! I flirted with all of Mommy's friends, played my drum while Uncle Alex played guitar, and got into the Hanukkah coins and got chocolate EVERYWHERE!

I got this great drum for Hanukkah. It came with a harmonica, a maraca, and a tambourine.

Here's me with my new puzzle! I got lots of cool stuff, like a Noah's Ark toy, some vintage license plates to put on my wall, books, and a Spongebob poster. But the boxes they came in were the best of all!

Here's me partying down with Mommy's friends at our Hanukkah celebration. They all think I am so handsome! I love to charm them all.

Time to go to bed?! I don't think so!

My Girlfriend!

Here is my girlfriend Poppy! She is Australian, but she lives in Japan, and just turned one year old. Her mum and my mama are good friends and they are always talking about us and how much we look alike! We go through the same phases, and seem to do things at the same time, like get sick or get teeth.
Yeah, having a long-distance relationship is hard, but its worth it 'cause we both have busy lives, between playing, having tantrums, napping, careers (Poppy is a diaper model and I am a professional milk-taster), snuggling our moms, and applying to colleges. I sent her a care package with a big Hershey kiss in it... I hope she liked it!