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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holidays are Awesome!

This year the holidays were extra cool. Mommy convinced Papa that even though we're Jewish I should have a Christmas tree and we should all have stockings. So Mommy's friend Rachel made us some stockings and Auntie Em cut down a small tree from her parents farm and gave it to me! Mommy decorated it with pretty ornaments too.

Hanukkah was cool but we didn't eat any latkes this year, and that was a bummer! I love potatoes!

Christmas Eve we went to Grandma A's house, and Christmas Day we went to Grammy and B.G.'s house. I got tons of presents and ate so much good food! Yum! I also played with my aunties, Andrea and Rayne. Here is me with Andrea (my hair is long because Mommy and Papa decided not to cut it til my little brother is born):

My favorite present is my MagnaDoodle and I color on it all the time. I also got a cargo truck from Grandma A that holds THIRTY-TWO Matchbox cars. Grandma A must really love me.

P.S. Look how fat Mommy is! My little brother is growing in her tummy. His name is going to be Lars.


At 3:14 AM, Blogger Poppy said...

GORGEOUS! You have that glow...


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