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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mama and Papa Got Married!

On Halloween, mama and papa got married! It was cool. During the ceremony I ran all over the place and tried to play the piano in the chapel! Everyone laughed and said how adorable I was, so my mission was accomplished.

Afterwards I took a nap at home, cause I was SO exhausted from being handsome all day. When I woke up we went to a cool restaurant that was all spooky on the inside, and all mama and papa's friends were there. We ate food and wore costumes (I was a lil' devil), and I got attention from lots of pretty ladies and cool dudes! I was SOOO tired afterwards, but it sure was fun!

Mommy and Papa at the chapel with Rabbi Zimmerman.

This wedding cake is delicious!

Papa looked cool in his scary makeup!

Uncle Matty is one of daddy's best friends. He loves me!

Mama and her friend Emily (Auntie Em) made Mama's wedding dress! It has pink and red hot rod flames on the bottom.

Helloooo, Anna! She is Mama and Papa's pal and played the music at their wedding. She can babysit me anytime she wants! Meow!


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