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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Little Brother!

Yesterday, Mommy, Papa and I all found out that I am gonna be a big brother to a little boy baby! That is gonna be so awesome, 'cause girls are smelly.

When we showed up to the doctor, Mommy got really mad because they mixed up her appointment. She thought she wasn't gonna get to find out what our baby was! I played with Papa and practiced walking up and down the stairs until the doctor was ready to see Mommy.

I was a really good boy during the ultrasound, even though I was tired and wanted lunch. To keep myself occupied, I ripped the paper off the bed Mommy was laying on and ripped it up all over the place. It was cool! There was a TV in there too, and Papa kept saying, "Look buddy! Its your little brother!" but all I saw was a white blob on a black screen. I wanted Spongebob!

The whole ride back, Mommy and Papa kept saying I was gonna get a special "Big Brother Meal." We went to McDonalds just to get me a Happy Meal! Oops, I mean, a Big Brother Meal. I am big and I usually eat all my food, but I suppose when my little brother comes I will share my fries with him.


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