Felix The Baby Bear!

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Look How Cool I Am!

Watch out ladies! We are two sexy guys!

Papa and me are some TOUGH mofo's!

I love my Papa.

When I'm 18...

... I will be embarassed by these pictures!
I was taking a bath and Papa just KNEW I was thinking about going potty in the tub! So he put me on the toilet. That was the VERY FIRST time I went potty on the toilet like a big boy. I am not ready for potty training yet but Mama and Papa knew I was pretty proud of myself.

Papa had to hold me up so I didn't fall in the potty! Ha ha.

Ah, so happy to be on the toiley!!

Daddy says, "Are you done YET?!"

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Ah, Mama and Daddy are so naive sometimes. They thought that I hated baby food for a while because as soon as they opened a jar of it I would get really mad! I also would NOT eat it. I don't hate veggies, I just want to feed myself! Mama and Daddy use spoons all the time and I want to learn too. So last night Daddy gave me a bowl of baby food and a spoon to see if that would get me to eat some chicken and rice food. I have to say that I did pretty good for my first try! Although after I dropped my spoon on the floor, I just dove in with my hands. Then I thought it would be really funny to throw the food off the side of the high chair!
I may not be able to talk a lot yet, but I can get the point across when I want a bath!