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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Baby Bear News

Mama is very busy lately. So is Papa! He has two jobs and Mama is busy finishing up the wedding plans. Mama is also getting fat, but just in her tummy. She keeps rubbing it and telling me there's a baby in there, but I can't see one. Just a belly button!

I have taken a shine to ripping my diapee off at night and taking a whiz all over my crib! Its FUN! My new diapers have strips that tell me when I went potty in them and I DON'T like being wet, so I just step out of them or rip them off. Being nakey is awesome! Wearing diapees is stupid and I don't wanna do it anymore! I want to sit on the toilet like a big boy but I am still not talking so I can't tell Mama or Papa when I need to go potty. Sometimes I just want to go into the bathroom to pull all the tooth brushes out of the holder, or see what I can get into, so Mama and Papa don't let me go in there much.

Speaking of not talking, Mama is taking me to the doctor to see why I won't talk. My parents don't know if I might have a hearing problem, or if something else is wrong. All the other stuff I do is right on track though! I learned how to turn the light on and off, and I like stacking things up, especially shampoo bottles in the tub. I love to snuggle again and am learning that when Papa leaves, he eventually is going to come back.


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